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Mark Rubin-Toles

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Teacher Websites and Staff Information

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OGMS Contacts - Alphabetical Order by Last Name


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Position Website Link
Alexander, Terry Strings/Orchestra Teacher Ms. Alexander's Website
Algeo, Cris Front Office Clerk  
Altman, Caryl 7th- & 8th-Grade Counselor


Ms. Altman's Website
Alvarez, Eleanora World Language 1A/1B Ms. Alvarez's Website
Annibal, Kathryn Educational Assistant  
Baker, Donna Math Ms. Baker's Website
Baker, Scott Physical Education Mr. Baker's Website
Banerjee, Mousumi Inclusion E.A.  
Barillari, Pompea Inclusion E.A.  
Beelen, Robin English Language Arts  
Berk, Debbie English Language Learners  
Bindschadler, Brian 6th/7th/8th-Grade English Language Arts/Gifted Specialist Mr. Bindschadler's Website
Braun, Amanda Inclusion Ms. Braun's Website
Braun, Jennifer Social Studies Mrs. Braun's Website
Chadwick, Andrea Special Education Teacher Ms. Chadwick's Website
Chilson, Dustin Band Mr. Chilson's Website
Christensen, Myranda Social Studies/Inclusion EA Mrs. Christensen's Website
Couch, Jennifer Classroom E.A.  
Douglas, Tina ELD E.A.  
Farley, Hannah Physical Education/Health Ms. Farley's Website
Fugate, Susan Speech Pathologist  
Gathmann, Annie English Language Arts Teacher Ms. Gathmann's Website
Haywood, Samantha 7th Grade Social Studies Ms. Haywood's Website
Horn, Beth General Music/7th & 8th Choir Ms. Horn's Website
Hornfeck, Amy EA Inclusion  
Kain, Mary World Languages Teacher Ms. Kain's Website
Kelley, Diana Special Education Teacher Ms. Kelley's Website
LaChance, Arabella World Language 2A/Heritage Learners Ms. LaChance's Website
Luo, Lingjing Mandarin Ms. Luo's Website
Martin, Ashley Math Teacher Ms. Martin's Website
McLain, Jamie Physical Education/Health Ms. McLain's Website
Meade, Allison English Ms. Meade's Website
Meislin, Gina Educational Assistant  
Michalak, Travis 7th Grade English Language Arts Mr. Michalak's Website
Miller, Don Math 8 Mr. Miller's Website
Morgan, Anne Secretary  
Newman, Jane Psychologist  
Newton, Chris Math 8/ Algebra 1 Ms. Newton's Website
Nicholson, Leslie Nurse  
Nickerson, Betty Math 6/ Accelerated Math 7 Ms. Nickerson's Website
Oviedo, Myriam Classroom E. A.  
Pisani, Auston Science 6/7 Mr. Pisani's Website
Prinster, Carla Art Ms. Prinster's Website
Pyne, Pam 6th/7th Grade Science Ms. Pyne's Website
Richards, Rozanne 6th/7th Grade Counselor  
Regan, Deb Inclusion E.A.  
Robles, Amber World Language 1B/2B Ms. Robles's Website
Rubasch, April English Language Arts Ms. Rubasch's Website
Rubin-Toles, Mark Principal  
Schaen, Justine Science 7/8 Ms. Schaen's Website
Skerik, Mickie Resource 8th Grade  
Skinner, Melinda Curriculum Technology Integrator Ms. Skinner's Website
Snow, Helen Science 7/8 Ms. Snow's Website
Sobehrad, Bryan Science Mr. Sobehrad's Website
Souza, Mark Physical Education Mr. Souza's Website
Taleb, Farah Art Ms. Taleb's Website
Thompson, Adrienne Inclusion E.A.  
Tompkins, Lee World Language 1B/2A/ Athletic Director Mr. Tompkins' Website
Weger, Jeff Math Mr. Weger's Website
Willman, Dawn 7th/8th Grade Social Studies Ms. Willman's Website
Wray, Eileen Inclusion E.A.  



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