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OGMS Cultural Luncheon

A Celebration of Diversity

January 24, 2018

Share a very special event and dine with your child during their regular lunch period. We will feature delicious cultural delicacies

highlighting the cuisine of Peru, Japan and Venezuela! This event will showcase the talents of our visual and performing arts program.

Our menu includes:

Gyudon – a Japanese beef dish served with rice

Venezuelan Coconut Chicken

Sopa de Quinua – a vegetarian soup from Peru

Black Beans and Rice

Oven-baked Sweet Plantains

Parents, please RSVP by Friday January 19th to 209-8201

Cost: $3.50 for lunch; $0.75 for water. Tickets will be sold in the office.

(Students do not need an RSVP for this special luncheon celebration.)

First Lunch: 11:55 p.m. Second Lunch 12:43 p.m.

Reminder: Starting this Friday, January 26

Teacher Websites Will Require Login

As a district, we are moving to ensure that all of our content posted online will be accessible to people with disabilities. This is an ongoing process.

As part of the district-wide process, all teacher websites will be made accessible only to CFSD logins.

You may use your student's login information to access any teacher's website, starting Friday, January 26. You will receive your student's login information in an email from the district.

We will send out some tips about ways to set up your computer so that it is as convenient for you to access these sites as it is for your students.

Counselor’s Corner

January, 2018 edition

As we greeted our students at the start of this month and asked what was the highlight of their Winter Break, the common theme was, “I got to sleep a lot!!” This overwhelming response made us stop and reflect on just how important quality sleep is to middle-school-age children. Between homework, sports, family activities, etc., our students are very busy, and getting 8-10 hours of sleep is not always possible. However, sleep is vital to pre-teens and teens. Lack of sleep can cause negative effects such as low concentration, moodiness, and poor academic performance.

KidsHealth has the following tips for better sleep:

1. Be active during the day. Get 60 minutes of exercise a day. Physical activity can reduce stress and help to feel more relaxed. Just don’t exercise too closely to bedtime because doing so may wake you up before it slows you down.

2. Say goodnight to electronics. Experts recommend using the bedroom for sleep only. If you can’t make your bedroom a tech-free zone, at least shut everything down an hour or more before lights out. Nothing says, “Wake up, something’s going on!” like the buzz of a text or the ping of an IM.

3. Keep a sleep routine. Going to bed at the same time every night helps the body expect sleep. Creating a set bedtime routine can enhance this relaxation effect. Unwind every night by reading, listening to music, spending time with a pet, or anything else that relaxes you.

If you would like additional information about helping your child get the appropriate amount of sleep, we are happy to assist you.

Our best wishes for a healthy, productive 2018!

Erica Gilbert - 6th grade Counselor

Caryl Altman - 7th & 8th grade Counselor

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